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Artificial Intelligence in Facebook for Psychology- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theArtificial Intelligence in Facebook for Cognitive Psychology. Answer: AI is the short form of Artificial intelligence. It is a process of giving the machine mostly computers the ability to almost reason like a human being (Cohen and Feigenbaum, 2014. 00). It is done through the use of codes in programming. One of the major languages known in this field is the Python programming language. AI has brought major boosts in the IT industry in the current world. There are very many applications using AI that are used on the websites and other social media Companies like Facebook. It uses human reasoning to respond to question which a person cant even notice. AI has simplified a lot of things, and it is a great deal in the software development field. AI can be used in all fields, medicine, agriculture, technology and construction (Hutter et al. 2014. 80). The content, however, deals with AI being in the technology field most important in Facebook. Facebook is a multibillionaire company that has helped people in terms of communication and business. People all over the world can send messages to each other, and it takes seconds to send and receive. People have seen such a platform as an opportunity to improve their business in terms of marketing strategies. They are using it to sell and resell products and services. Some have earned a fortune from such a Company which has free registration. AI being introduced in such a Company can really help improve services to its customers and go on being the best social media platform in the World. There are various ways and fields in which AI can be implemented in Facebook. In such a platform, there is the need to have a support area where customers with needs can get their feedback within seconds. If there is something that people hate is a delay. An AI application are integrated into the platform, which will be replying messages and calls from the customers and give the immediate feedback. Thats is one of the major applications of the AI which can really boost such a company. In Facebook today, people log in through email, usernames and passwords. These methods are somehow not secure. The data in a persons account should be protected because even the law states so. People can guess other peoples emails and passwords, get into peoples profile and take or see whatever they want. There is the AI application which is a face or eye recognition can be reinforced together with the speech recognition. The AIs working together with the logins can make the platform more secure. There is an AI applications which is used to detect fraud. The information in the Facebook database for every user is important. Through the use of AI, if the application detects a login from a different locations, or any other suspicious thing, it can send an email or text to the original and known user to inform him/her. In case it was not the user doing such an action, there is a link to follow to increase the security of the account. When Artificial Intelligence is introduced and implemented in a Company like Facebook, there a lot of merits that can associate with such technology (Nilsson, 2014. 00). People using Facebook platform will always be served at a very fast rate without delay. AI are even faster compared to human beings, and still, they are developed using human reasoning. One AI applications can serve a great multitude of customers which is not the case to one support agent. Speed matters in social media platform. The platform will be user-friendly. One of the reasons why softwares and applications fail is that of user unfriendliness. If the platform if friendly, then the number of users increases. One of the important impacts of AI is security. All AI applications are highly secured. People need assurance that the accounts and data can never be available to another person at any given time. The speech recognition and the rest can make the Facebook platforms more secure compared to the use of passwords . There are a lot of advantages that come with AI application in such a Company (Russell and Norvig. 2016, 00). One, the number of customers served by the applications at a single time cannot be possible if one is using a support team. Their users will love the responses and time, and then more users will love the platform increasing the number of users which increases the profit margins. Facebook management will also not incur the cost of hiring thousands of employees to work as support teams hence reducing expenses. Facebook main problem is data security. Thats why people use their platform since they are assured their information is secured. AI helps in boosting the security level (Bond and Gasser, 2014. 00) There must be a demerit in everything since nothing is perfect. The applications can lead to unemployment, and sometimes they fail due to functionality error (Spiro, Bruce and Brewer. 2017, 00). In conclusion, AI in Facebook can act as a major boost for its growth. The Facebook platform can be secure and fast in service delivery. Unemployment can be a problem to the general public but an advantage to the management. References Bond, A.H. and Gasser, L. eds., 2014.Readings in distributed artificial intelligence. Morgan Kaufmann. Cohen, P.R. and Feigenbaum, E.A. eds., 2014.The handbook of artificial intelligence(Vol. 3). Butterworth-Heinemann. Hutter, F., Xu, L., Hoos, H.H. and Leyton-Brown, K., 2014. Algorithm runtime prediction: Methods evaluation.Artificial Intelligence,206, pp.79-111. Nilsson, N.J., 2014.Principles of artificial intelligence. Morgan Kaufmann. Russell, S.J. and Norvig, P., 2016.Artificial intelligence: a modern approach. Malaysia; Pearson Education Limited,. Spiro, R.J., Bruce, B.C. and Brewer, W.F. eds., 2017.Theoretical issues in reading comprehension: Perspectives from cognitive psychology, linguistics, artificial intelligence and education(Vol. 11). Routledge.

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