Sunday, November 24, 2019

Hosea the prophet essays

Hosea the prophet essays During Hoseas time, there was political, economical, social and religious strife in the country of Israel. Hosea lived in the tragic final days of the northern kingdom of Israel. During this time there were six kings within twenty-five years; four were murdered, one was captured in battle and only one was succeeded on the throne by his son. The nation was rife with economic abuses that separated the rich and the poor. Israel was so impressed with material advances that it failed to take account the eternal verities of the Covenant upon which Israels existence was predicated. Judgment, righteousness, brotherhood, and even God were forgotten in the light of diplomatic expediencies (Laymans 8-9). There was a war with Judah and heavy tribute to Assdyria depleted economic resources. The richer class intensified and along the way they exploited peasants to pay for their debts (New, 200). People were resorting to fraud and cheating. The religion of Israel was rooted in the strong he ritage of the Canaanite religion. Yahweh was the primary God but there were also other Gods being worshipped, such as Veneration of the Canaanite deities El, Baal, and perhaps even the goddess Asherah (New 201). The womans bible Commentary pointed out the thought that Gomer may have been a cultic prostitute associated with one of the religions being practice during the time of Hosea. These conditions are very similar to the ones we are experiencing in our own day. We face economic problems and just in the past ten or so years there has been a dramatic increase in the gap between rich and poor. The rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer. There is a focus on one religion here in the Untied Sates of America, that being Christianity. It is also common to hear of someone who worships another God or is another religion. I think that in any society there is the group that is the majority and ther...

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